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Monday, January 19, 2009

Dumbbell Progess

Here is a short video of Bosley and his dumbbell work.  The angle of the video is not great because I couldn't find a good place for the camera where nothing was in the way, but it gives you some idea of how he is doing.  This video will be very boring for those who have dogs who are natural retrievers, but for me it is very exciting.

I am still keeping the dumbbell work very fun for him, with lots of cheering him on, play and cookies.  I am not asking for formal fronts or finishes - I just ask that he holds the dumbbell until I ask him to release it.  All I am looking for right now is enthusiasm when it comes to the dumbbell.

I am very pleased with Bosley's progress.  Only a couple of months ago he would not even touch the dumbbell.


  1. WONDERFUL Kim!!

    his learning style is similar to Gyp's with the dumbbell and in general - you cannot force anything, in no time he'll put it all together!! I'm glad it is all working! turning the SOCK into the dumbbell and building confidence through things that are more natural sure worked for her.

    Then there was Kaleb -
    "fetch," OK.
    "hold", OK.
    "give", let me think about that one.

    i love that you can hear Maggie protesting and I hope you don't ding your walls to much :)

  2. Hello!
    It looks like Bosley is doing a great job!
    :) Tibby

  3. he looks like he is having a blast!!! great job!

  4. excellent, hes coming along nicely.

    Enthusiasm usually comes the more you do it - I'm not talking about hours on end, but little and often and they soon get excited when you just get it out =)