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Sunday, January 25, 2009


This morning, Amanda, Judy and I drove out to Cowley for some Rally Obedience practice.  Judy drove us all there in her van - 5 dogs and 3 people.  For the entire trip there and back, I admired her van and the amount of "stuff" it could hold.  

Bosley was pretty funny today.  He was very excited to be out at the Cowley Hall.  He has only been there a couple of times before but he must really like it.  He even barked when we went in, and he only barks when he is very excited about something.  We did 3 practice runs and his first run was awful.  I guess I didn't warm him up enough, and he spent much of the run gawking around, checking out things on the floor and admiring the dogs and people on the sidelines.  He had a few good moments though, and his fronts are getting quite nice.  His next 2 runs were better - less distracted, and some nice heeling. Still, not the best, and I know he can do much better.  

We are entered in a Rally trial next weekend.  I wasn't too worried about it, but after how distracted and goofy he was today, I am not sure how he will do next weekend.  If he was being judged today, he probably would have got a passing mark with a marginal score, but, I know he is capable of getting good scores when he is focused.  I won't stress about the trial, we will just see what happens when we get there.

I also joined SAWDA (Southern Alberta Working Herding Dog Association) today.  They are based out of Cowley and although it is an hour drive to get there, it is a fun place to go practice.  It is also the only place around here that I can get some carting instruction, which I am sure I will need once the snow goes away and we get the cart out again.  They also do lots of fun things like demos and parades.  

Poor Maggie.  She had to stay at home again.  She should go for X-rays in about a week or so, and if everything looks good, she should get her splint off.  Here's hoping.


  1. Way to go Bosley!! We know you are going to do a great job!

    We will have our paws crossed for Maggie's X-rays to be good.

    Lots of Luv & Kisses

  2. sounds like an action packed day!

    hugs to maggie xoxoxox

  3. Bosley, we know you'll do well during the trial. Just remind your Mommy to bring you there at least an hour earlier so that you can get to explore the place before it's your turn in the ring!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

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