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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Some Nice Things

After the negativity of my last post I thought I should concentrate on some of the nice things that have been happening lately.  

Last year, when Bosley passed his Draft test, he qualified for the BMDCC Working Dog Award.  To earn this award your dog must have a CD title plus titles in two other approved performance areas (draft, agility, tracking or herding).  This award is to honour the working dog heritage of the Bernese Mountain Dog.  The certificates are presented at the National Specialty and since I wasn't there this year, mine came in the mail a couple weeks ago.  I still need to frame it, but here is a picture. 

Another nice thing is that Bosley has earned both his Scent Hurdle Dog and his Scent Hurdle Dog Excellent titles in the past couple weeks.  What is most exciting about this is that it makes him the first Bernese to earn a Scent Hurdle title and he gets his picture on the BMDCC website "Berner Firsts" page. You can check out the BMDCC website BMD Firsts In Canada but you need to scroll all the way to the bottom to find Bosley.

We also had something nice happen in agility.  The Dogs In Canada agility stats for 2010 came out and Bosley made the cut!!!  Points are based on YPS only and since we get to very few CKC trials, and Bosley is not always the quickest out there, I was very surprised at the results.  He finished as the #1 Bernese Mountain Dog and as  #4 in the Working Group.

Another nice thing is that I found this window static sticker this weekend at the dog show.  It is really hard to find Bernese Agility stuff and I couldn't help but buy this sticker for my car.  How cute is this?

It is nice to focus on the good stuff as sometimes it is easy to get caught up in those pesky negative thoughts.  So, here is to "good things" :)