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Sunday, March 29, 2009


I was not going to blog about this until I knew more, but . . . 

Maggie had surgery this morning. 

 About 6 weeks ago, I found two tiny lumps on her belly.  I had the vet look at them when we were in for one of her splint changes.  He didn't seem too concerned and said that they were too small to do the needle biopsy that I asked to be done.   The little lumps seemed to be getting bigger and they were really bothering me, so I had them looked at again by a different vet.  This vet is fairly certain that the lumps are mammary tissue and that they should be removed and sent away for a histopathological examination.  During the surgery, she found a third lump that was just starting to develop.  The risk of mammary cancer in dogs that have been spayed before their first heat is very low, but, Bernese have an alarmingly high rate of cancer overall, so I am worried.  We will have the pathology tests back in about a week.


  1. my fingers are crossed for you and maggie!!

    amanda not wendy :o)

  2. oh Kim, I hope Maggie will be ok....my thoughts are with you!

  3. Poor Maggie. If it isn't one thing, it is another. We'll be thinking of her!

    Wendy not Amanda :0)

  4. Oh Kim, this is the worst type of worry. Our thoughts and hearts are with you and Maggie while you wait for word.

  5. keeping our fingers crossed here for you, you can see she's an amazing dog just by following the blog x