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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weaves and Wieners

Last night's agility class was very fun.  We worked lots on weaves and I really tried to see how far I could push Bosley when it comes to independent weaving.  I worked on lateral distance, sending him ahead of me, and me racing ahead of him.  I was quite impressed with his weave work.  When I raced him through the poles, I expected him to pop, but he didn't.  He did however, really speed up, but he never missed a pole.  I am getting good lateral distance with him now, and his entrances are getting more consistent, so I don't need to baby him on that.  When I stay behind without moving while he is going through the poles, he will sometimes stop to see where I am, but is generally driving ahead through the weaves.  Now I need to start working on harder weave entrances.

The second half of agility class we worked on building speed, obstacle discrimination and our "turn" command.  One thing that Bosley needs to work on is his speed.  He is not built to be a speedy dog, but I know that he can run fast when he wants.  Last night, I had brought turkey wieners to class to use as treats, so I ran the sequences waving a whole wiener in front of Bosley.  It looked hilarious, but it did make him run faster.

Bosley is still not generalizing the turn command and will not "turn" off of a contact.  


  1. love, love, love the whole hot dog in your face thing...too freakin' funny...

    i do think you should try with the bull stick- if that is what he loves the most...can't hurt to try it!!! his eyes will probably pop out of his head! :o)

  2. bos did great!!

    i want to see the bully stick too!! come on just for us (and comic factor)

    "Work a slow dog fast, work a fast dog slow."