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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Slacking Off

This week, I kinda slacked off in the dog training department.  My sister was in town visiting, so I skipped out of both agility practice and obedience practice.  The week wasn't a total training loss though.  Bosley practiced his retrieves.  He is very enthusiastic about his dumbbell now.  I am starting to teach him a front with the dumbbell, but I am still keeping it seperate from the actual retrieve.  So far, so good.   I did a bit of heeling with Maggie.  Now that she is wearing a lighter splint, she can actually do a straight sit.  She was very happy to be "working" again.

Even without formal training, the dogs had a busy week.
Bosley decided that he liked his Kong so much, that he would try hatching it to make more Kongs.

He gave up pretty quickly after realizing that hatching Kongs is not very comfortable.  He will just wait to get more from the store.

Bosley decided that playing with the re-useable shopping bag was much more fun that waiting for a Kong to hatch.

Maggie spent the week counting down the days until she finally gets rid of the stupid splint.  She did try to beat up Bosley a couple times this week.  She took it easy on him, but just gave him a little reminder of what things will be like once she gets back on all four feet again.

This week, I practiced taking pictures with the new camera lens that I got for Christmas.  I really need to take some camera lessons so that I know what I am doing.  

This is a really cool looking tree that is near my house.  Even though the lighting is really bad (too bad I didn't know how to use my camera better)  I still like how this picture turned out.    


  1. That sounds like a perfect week and with all the company I am sure the dogs were well entertained!!!! I love the photos that tree is very cool and I love the colours in the bridge one !!

  2. BOL! That Bosley is such a silly boy. Don't worry Maggie, your splint will be taken off soon. I don't think you need to take camera lessons at all. You take nice pictures!

    Butt sniffs,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  3. cool tree!! Looks alive, like the ones in the movie Lord of the Rings!