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Monday, March 9, 2009


I was finally brave enough to add up all of Maggie's vet bills relating to her broken toe.  We had charges for: x-rays, recall visits, splint/bandage changes, stitches and antibiotics. 
 The grand total: $1655.20!

If I hadn't started to do my own bandage changes, it would have been at least another $400 higher.  I was charged $85.86 (discounted price) for each bandage change.  To buy my own supplies and change it myself, cost me $6.00.

Pet insurance sure sounds like a good idea.  


  1. I have pet insurance on Tate but not Kort yet....I bought it because my last collie Drake had approx $3000.00 in vet bills in the 7 weeks before he died of heart failure....it really doesn't pay off until you have a big bill.....but you never know when that big bill will happen....I'm glad I have it.

  2. wowsers. I was never brave enough to add up Sam's expenses...

    Kim- with Maggie's bad luck I'd totally get it!!! :o) She has got to be the most klutzy dog I've ever met!

  3. OUCH!

    That hurts!

    I have considered pet insurance for Addie and Lucie. If it really works it's a great idea.

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie and Lucie

  4. OUCH for Maggie, OUCH for you. I feel your pain Kim.

    Jane's tooth and 3 vet visits was that much too ... I won't even go into how much K was last year ... a round trip to Mexico at an all inclusive.

    Hey maybe you can do what I did with Pete - I said I'd pay for everything from last year ... if he pays for 2009 ...

    I've thought about the pet insurance too ... what to do what to do

    here's hoping for a HEALTHY 2009!!!!!!!!!!