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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cone Head

Maggie is back from her visit to the vet.  He did more X-rays (which I was not expecting to have done).   He said he saw a blurry spot on the X-ray which could mean she had a bone infection and said that she should go on a strong antibiotic and keep her splint on longer.  He could tell I was not happy about that because I was fully expecting her splint to come off today. He looked at the X-rays for a long time and gave her toe a good examination.  His final verdict was that she did not have a bone infection (no swelling or soreness) and that her splint could come off as long as I make sure she has limited activity for the next 2 weeks and then slowly get back to her regular routine. 

 Maggie still has light bandages on her foot to protect the sores and to remind her to take it easy.  She really wants to lick at her foot, now that her toes are exposed, so she got sent home with a cone for her head.  Needless to say, Maggie is not too thrilled about the whole cone head thing.

Here is Maggie's foot.  We can finally see her toes again.  The pads of her foot are very soft, just like when she was a puppy.  The fur on the bottom of her feet is usually white, but it has turned a brown color because it was trapped inside an airless splint for so long.

Bosley, being the helpful dog he is, wanted to help out Maggie and her "cone head" problem.


  1. Yaaayyy to Maggie for getting the splint off! Hopefully she can leave it alone so she won't need the cone. Would a light sock still let the foot breathe and keep her away?

  2. BOL... that last picture of Bosley trying to rescue Maggie from the cone is priceless!

    At least the splint is off now. WOOOHOOO!!

    Hope the cone doesn't have to stay on for too long.

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie and Lucie

  3. Oh that ever-so-helpful Bosley! He must be happy for getting a few extra days reprieve from Maggie.
    I can understand and appreciate your frustration. Sometimes it seems these things take forever especially when we want to get out and do things with our Berners. But all in good time, I guess. The good news is, your weather is gonna be crappy for a few more days so you aren't losing any outdoor opportunities! Regardless, I'm hoping you can soon get back to normal. I'm sure Maggie is too!

  4. poor mags....one torture for another!

  5. ok, first..if he had told me that that the splint had to stay on I think I would have cried!
    The pictures are soooooo cute!!!!Look at Maggie holding her front foot in the air!
    Bosley made me burst out laughing!!!! Those are great pictures Kim,I really enjoyed them!

  6. Oh Maggie, you looked pissed. But it'll be off in the next two weeks. I know it sounds long but it really isn't. Just be patient girl. The doctor just want to make sure your toe is totally 100% healed. That's right Bosley, you go help. What a sweet brudder you have.

    Butt sniffs,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  7. thank doG you don't have to keep that splint on any longer!!!!!!

    hopefully the cone will be off soon too, but looks like the end of the road is coming closer, those photos are priceless.

    fingers crossed for you Maggie!