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Monday, September 1, 2008

Saskatoon Trials - Day 3

Today was our final day of events in Saskatoon and I think we were all getting a bit tired. Here is a quick rundown of todays events.

Maggie - Agility
Maggie had a pretty good day today. She got all her weave entrances and contacts and had some nice, fast runs. She seemed to have a bar knocking problem today but she did get one 'Q' in Advanced Jumpers With Weaves. Overall she had a good agility weekend and I was very happy with her performance all weekend.

There was even another Berner in agility this weekend. His name is Tonka and he is from Washington - and wow, what a great dog. He is a very big boy (he makes Bosley look puny) but he flew around the agility course, his big tail wagging the whole time. He was so fun to watch and earned 'Q's in nearly every run. It was so great to see another Berner in agility and even greater to see him do so well.

Bosley - Obedience
Bosley was entered in another Novice A trial today. He was so focused in our warm up and I was feeling really good going in. Then right as we were going into the ring he got distracted. There was a balcony that looked over the obedience rings with a really loud access door. Someone went on the balcony and when the door slammed it spooked Bosley and he kept looking at the people on the balcony. I could not get his attention back on me at all - he seem really worried. He lagged horribly the whole run and did not sit on any of the halts. His stand for exam was great as was his recall (he only lost 1.5 for a crooked sit on the finish). His sits and downs were perfect. He just squeaked by with a qualifying score of 173.5 and to earn the final leg towards his CD title. I am just amazed. Never did I think that he would earn his CD in his first three tries, and with a high in class to top it off.

To top off an already great weekend, I entered a fundraising draw for a drafting cart, and we won! Bosley can now finally start doing some real drafting training.

What an incredible weekend. The dogs both did great and I kept my "ring nerves" down to a minimum. We met lots of Berners and lots of great people and had fun. Too bad the next Bernese Specialty is all the way in Quebec.

Now for the long trip home.


  1. CONGRATS on your great week-end!!

  2. sounds like you had an excellent weekend. Well done all x

  3. Sounds like another GREAT day!!! Have a safe trip home.

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  4. Woohoo Kim! You had a GREAT weekend and I am very proud of you!

    Congrats on Bosley's CD! How Awesome is that???

    That is very cool that you won the cart too! He'll be a Draft Dog before you know it!

    Maggie is doing awesome and you should be very proud of her. We'll get to the bottom of her ring nerves in obedience!

  5. how did you fit all that stuff in your vehicle on the way home!!!!!!!

    i can't wait to see all of the photos and ribbons!

    congrats on your successes - Q's, runs and TITLES!!!!!!!

    Does Maggie know Bosley got his CD :)

  6. We managed to fit everything in the vehicle (good thing I rented an SUV) except the cart. A Berner friend took the cart with her to Calgary in her rented cargo van, so I will have to make arrangements to go get it - hopefully soon - I am excited to get started with drafting.

    I didn't tell Maggie that Bosley got his CD before she did. Somehow, I don't think that cares - she will do the fun agility stuff and let Bosley have the "boring" obedience!

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  8. Nice dogs you have !
    Do visit our blog when free !
    Love licks !

  9. Good job at the trial! It was nice meeting up with you. Check out my recent blog entry for a surprise.