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Thursday, September 18, 2008


We have a big, not so friendly dog that lives next door to us.  Bosley does not like her and she apparently feels the same about Bosley.  When she moved in earlier this year, it was everything that I could do to try to keep the two of them from fighting through the fence.  I finally put up a small wire fence to keep Bosley away from the real fence.  This seemed to be working well and diffused most of the conflict.  The other day, part of my wire fence came apart and Bosley got through to the other side and the fight was on.  I fixed the fence but Bosley remembered where the weak spot was.  Today he jumped over the fence at the previously broken spot - not to fight with the dog - but rather to chase a bird that was sitting on the real fence, taunting him.  Well, it didn't take long before the neighbour dog spotted Bosley and ran to the fence barking, and the fight was on . . . again. The other dog is very strong and can push the fence boards until they bow.  If she ever breaks through, it will not be Bosley who wins.  It took all my strength, and a lot of yelling at Bosley, to get him away from the other dog and back over the wire fence and in the house.

This is what Bosley's nose now looks like.  It has stopped bleeding now, but it is all raw from him smashing it against the cedar fence.  I guess I need to figure out a new solution to try to keep the peace between these two dogs.


  1. oh Bosley!!!

    i used an expen- Vito got around the cheap wire fence pretty fast...

    i know Jolayne has considered an electric fence for tag- but he is much worse than bosley- you've seen his nose!

  2. Oh no! Poor Bosley's handsome nose. Hope it heals up quickly, glad the bleeding has stopped. How does the neighbor feel about the fighting. Maybe a second fence on their side would help a bit?

  3. I have this same problem at my house with the beagle next door. Guiness just goes crazy. So I put up one of these 4 foot green garden fences with the metal poles. But I also had to put up black plastic so they cant see each other. But they still go crazy. So now I have a hose at the fence that I turn on when it starts. Its a frustrating problem. Diana

  4. Silly dog. Hope his nose heals soon and he doesnt go hurt it again.

    Have you had a chat with the neighbour? Perhaps you could both put some extra fencing up to keep them apart so they dont wind each other up.

  5. Poor Bosley!! Have you talked to the neighbor? Maybe if you both have "systems" if one dog breaks through, the other one still won't be able to get there. Or at least it will delay him/her until you can haul Bosley off the fence.

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  7. I nominated you for a little blog award! Check out my blog for details!