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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bosley and His Obedience Brags

Here are some photos of Bosley posing with his ribbons and prizes from the weekend.  I really wanted to get a professional photo done with the obedience judge, but since I was entered in so many things, the timing did not work out.  So, I had to do my own photos.

Advanced 'A' Rally- High in Class/ High Bernese in Class

"Widdle Wascal Award" for the youngest qualifying Bernese in obedience.

Novice 'A' Obedience -High In Class / High Bernese In Class / High Bernese In Trial

A tired Bosley, on the hotel bed, after doing all that obedience.

*** A very big Thank You goes out to Amanda for all her training classes.  You have watched Bosley grow from a baby in your puppy kindergarten classes and have coached us through to where we are today.  We never could have made it this far without all of your advice and support.  I hope you know how important you were to making Bosley's accomplishments possible.


  1. did you leave any ribbons for anyone else at the trials??

    what are in the little metal boxes?? those are really cool!!

    Hey and you have a new weekend bag for trialing!!!!!

    agreed, Amanda does a great job bossing ... eerrr uuhhh ... encouraging in Obedience :).

  2. nice ribbons!!! I'm jealous!, & look at all that cool stuff you won too.....smart dog Bosley!!

  3. you are a great trainer Kim! I just helped you along! Look at all thos ribbons and stuff! Where are you going to put those? You're going to have to start a dog wall...you should see Sarah's! :o)

    the suitcase is cool- you sure have lots of Berner stuff now!

  4. Holly DOG! That rossette is HUGE!!! You did soooo well Bosley. I'm very proud of you too!!!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer