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Monday, September 8, 2008

All In The Name Of . . . Progress?

We live on the very edge of town and there is a field of prairie grass that separates us from the nearest community.  It is about a 2km walk across the field and a great place to take the dogs for a run.

Suddenly, it seems as if our field has changed.  This is what it all used to look like:

Now, only a small portion looks like prairie.

The rest looks like this:

Nothing but dirt.

The earth movers came and took out our beautiful field and replaced it with dirt.

Soon there won't even be any dirt left.  It will soon be turned into roads, and new houses.  Progress?  I don't think so.


  1. how sad!!! Where I come from in Ontario they were constantly cutting down trees....made me cry....

  2. Before it becomes roads and new homes, it will become a weed field! I don't know why they clear it so early or why they clear so much at once.

  3. ya i can relate the places we used to run our dogs here in our 'hood are now full our houses too, oh and walmart ...

  4. that's too bad Kim! it looks like it would be a good place to train some obedience now though! you gotta look on the bright side...

    oh- and I think you should blog about your dogwalk phobia with Bosley :o)


  5. Do you live in Riverstone too??

  6. Hi Marcy,
    You recognized the field! We live on the top of Paradise Canyon but we take lots of walks over to the Riverstone neighbourhood - it is so nice there and Maggie likes to wade in the pond (only up to her belly though).