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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Weekend Agility Video

Here is a video of some of Maggie's runs this weekend.  Notice that her first couple runs are a little wild - she had been stuck in a car, crate or hotel room for 2 days before she got to go out and play, so she was a little over-enthusiastic.

There were lots of wasps in Saskatoon and in one Jumpers video, Maggie has her nose to the ground a lot.  As we were standing at the gate waiting for our turn, Maggie bit a wasp that was bugging her and she got stung on the nose.  She was rubbing her face on the ground as we went to the start line - I am just glad she made it through the run.

We had a "Q" in Intermediate Jumpers this weekend, but of course, that was the one run that didn't get taped.  It was amazing that we got that "Q".  I just came from the obedience ring and when I got to the agility field, my class had already started and there were about 5 dogs until Maggie's turn.  I missed the walk through, so I just had to watch where everyone else was going and memorize the course from outside the ring.  We had a very slow run, but it was clean.

Overall, I was very pleased with Maggie this weekend.  She got all her weave entrances, and her contacts (which we have been struggling with) were fairly good.  Her table is getting much faster too.  She does need some work on getting faster weave poles at trials. In class she flies through the weaves, but was quite slow this weekend.  She worked very hard this weekend and I can really see her improvement in trial situations.


  1. maggie looked great, i love her wild moments and your work with contacts seems to have helped, she was great!

    she really seemed to keep her UMMPH up in her runs, considering EVERYTHING you did over the days you were there!!!!!

  2. you sure made Shirley Ann run for those contacts! :o)

    It is great to see Maggie so enthusiastic at a trial. Woohoo Mags!

  3. Woah, I enjoyed watching the whole video! Maggie is sooo fast like crazy! I've not met any other big dogs who run just as sooper fast as her. I am so impressed! She did so many runs. She must have been dead exhausted after that. I know after the 2nd run, it means that's it for me or i'll walk the whole time! Great job gal!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer