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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bernese Specialty - Day 2

This blog is going to be very quick - we are all tired. We left our hotel at 7:30 this morning and got back to our hotel at 9:00 tonight.

Maggie Agility
It was very cold in Saskatoon today and Maggie loved it. Maggie was very spunky to the point of being on the crazy side, but she pulled it together enought to get one "Q", the last one we needed to finish her Novice Standard title. She even got all her weave entrances today!

Maggie Rally-O
I think that Maggie has decided that the obedience ring is a horrible place. She was in 3 rally trials today and I didn't finish 2 of her runs because she was just not into it. She did get a High In Class in one of her trials to complete her second leg of her Advanced Rally Title.

Bosley Obedience
Bosley earned his second leg towards his CD today. He did a great job, although a bit more distracted today than yesterday. He finished with 3rd in class and a score of 183.5.

Bosley Rally-O
Bosley was in 3 rally trials today. The first was the Bernese sponsored trial where he placed High in Class and High Bernese in class. Ok - it's not quite as impressive as it sounds - the only other dog in his class was Maggie and I pulled her out during the run because she was stressing too much. The best thing of the run - Bosley got through the food bowl distraction without diving into the bowls (they used weiners in the bowl - his favorite).

The other two Rally trials were evening trials - something that I now do not recommend entering after you have already done a full day of trialing. We did not finish the first run -he was being very goofy - chasing a cricket across the floor, visiting the timekeeper and then jumping on me to give me a hug.

His second trial was as entertaining as the first. He knocked over a pylon and then seem so surprised that it moved so he went over to it, picked it up and then stuck his whole nose in the bottom of it. Ya- we got lots of laughs from the crowd and even the judge said later that it was all she could do to keep from laughing at him. What a guy. We struggled our way through the run and ended up with a score of 76 which was High In Class. He was actually the only dog to qualify out of all the Advanced A and Advanced B dogs. All the dogs and handlers were very tired tonight.

That's all - we are all going to bed.


  1. Oh my, you guys had a very tiring day! Yeah, trialing is very tiring especially when you entered for almost all of them. Yes, our hoomans NEVER recommend others to enter sooo many trials in one day because usually the trial, the dog will do well but the others it won't because it's tired & it's bored especially to the big dogs like Bosley, Maggie & me. So now, they've learned their lesson & to not enter so many trials in one day. Anyway, you guys did pretty well! Great job!

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. wow again Kim! talk about a long day, I would have loved to se it all!

    i hope you rested well for your last day at the show today!

  3. Bos you're a goof ball, no doubt about that!! who cares!! you got 2 CD legs, yippy do for you!!!
    Maggie will pull it together too, she was just having a girl moment!
    Congrats to you all1