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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Off To The Vet We Go

Well, I made Bosley an appointment with the vet for tomorrow.  His limp is not getting better.  I am beginning to think that he might have got a cactus thorn imbedded in his paw, because his limp is a lot worse when he is walking on a hard surface, like the linoleum, but not as bad when he is just walking on the carpet.  Also, for the past 2 days he will not let me touch his one paw at all and usually he is fine with me touching his feet.  I gave him a chew stick last night to distract him while I tried to look at his paw, but his feet have so much fur, I could not see much.  I could not feel anything pokey stuck in his paw either, but if a piece of thorn broke off in his foot, I might not be able to feel anything.  It will be interesting when we go to the vet, because Bosley is not too fond of vets, and letting someone else look at his paw might be a challenge.  I think I will take along a bully stick to keep Bosley busy while the vet is looking at him.  In other better news, Maggie seems to be doing much better.  I have been taking her for short walks and there seems to be no sign of gait problems and no return of any inflammation in her shoulder.  I found a good article, written by a vet, that gives suggestions on how to get a performance dog back in shape after a sprain or strain.  According to his schedule, I should be able to start letting Maggie run slowly for short distances and then if everything is good after a week of that, I can start letting her do low jumps as well as increasing her walk/running time. Hopefully we do not have any setbacks.

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