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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Messy Maggie

Maggie was not always the easiest puppy . . . actually, she was quite bad.  It took us a long time to be able to trust her alone in the house and uncrated. We started slow and would rush home to se if she had got into anything.  Some days she was good;  some days she was not so good.  On one of the not-so-good days, I walked into the house and did my usual "Maggie inspection" to make sure that she did not get into anything.  We have a red leather chair in the livingroom and as I walked towards it, I noticed little red bits everywhere around it.  I literally ran to the chair and spun it around - hmmmm - no holes or chew marks.  I picked up some of the red bits and they felt waxy.  Maggie had got a red candle off of the kitchen table and took it to the red chair to chew up.  I didn't get any pictures of that day (I was too relieved to take pictures).  But I do have pictures of another "Bad Maggie" day.  Somehow she got into the front closet and chewed some shoes (only one of each pair of course).  She also got the Bernese calendar off the fridge and shredded it to bits.

I am sure glad that Maggie does not get into trouble like this anymore (well, not usually).  Now if only Bolsey would learn not to eat everything he sees, everything would be great.


  1. OMdoG Maggie!!! You did PAWSOME!!! Great job girl. You should keep on killing the house but I don't think your mom can take it anymore. Poor thing...I never used to destroy the house. Only chewed on my hooman M's rocking chair a few times only & then peed & pooed a few times in the house too & that was about it. I was quite a good girl! Same with Faith & Chloe too. Just a few mistakes here & there in the house & that's it. Oh yeah, Faith did chew on my hooman D's laptop wire while it was still plugged into the wall. Luckily the switch was off or else, Faith would have been a fried Dalmatian!

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. so funny, i love the look on her face in those, i'm am glad she is MUCH more mature than that now (wink)

  3. so funny, i love the look on her face in those, i'm am glad she is MUCH more mature than that now (wink)

  4. She does look suitably guilty. I could feel your panic with the red leather chair - been there, done that!