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Monday, March 31, 2008

Not Again!

On saturday, Bosley and I were walking back home from our hike in the coulees and I thought I noticed him limping ever so slightly.  I figured he had got a burr in his foot, because he had them stuck all over his fur.  We got home and I checked - no burr.  His leg seemed better during the afternoon, but by the evening he had an obvious limp.  All yesterday he was limping around.  I could not find any swollen or warm areas on the leg that seems to be bothering him.  I have been keeping him quiet and making him rest and he seems quite annoyed that I am leashing him to take him to the backyard to potty.  I kept him crated all day today when I was at work and his limp seems less pronounced right now, but he had a quick potty break and I made him lay down again so he hasn't been walking on it much.  He is still acting as goofy as ever and is trying to tease Maggie so that she will wrestle with him but there is definitely something wrong.  Hopefully it is just a strain and not an issue with his elbow (which is quite common in Bernese).  From everything I read, elbow problems usually show up by a year old, so hopefully that is not what it is.  Sure, Maggie is almost better and Bosley is hurt.   


  1. Oh Kim, poor you!!!
    I hope everything clears up soon & it's nothing serious.

  2. man oh man, get well soon Bos!!!


  3. Oh poor boy...Maybe he pulled a muscle or strained his leg, who knows. Chloe has an elbow problem & this started about two weeks back. She is really overweight. She is actually 10 kgs overweight & is an obese! She still can run & jump over hurdles but my hoomans don't encourage her. When she puts pressure on her left front leg, she will start to limp. When the doctor did some stretching & pushing with her leg to check, at one point, she refused to bend anymore coz I think it was hurting. My hoomans are not making her rest in the cage & she doesn't want to separate her from us coz she doesn't like that idea. So, she's still allowed to roam in the house & go for off-leash walks outside together. But she only goes for short walks, no more running. Aww, so sad! She's also on pain killers & Synoquin. Synoquin is supposedly to be the best & it is very affective. Guess how much one tablet costs? RM6 each! Which is equivalent to US$3. It's not so expensive over in America but it is expensive here in Malaysia.

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer