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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Relief ! ! !

I took Bosley to the vet today to get his limping checked and it seems as if he has an injury to one of the pads on his paw.  There is no cut, but his pad is swollen and bruised.  He most likely stepped on something sharp when we were out walking.  When you are walking in the prairie grass, it is not easy to see what might be on the ground.  The vet said it is fine to take him for short walks or runs - the pad will just need time to heal.  Other then that, he said Bosley's joints all seem fine and that he is in great shape overall.  I am very relieved that it is not something more serious, there is always such a worry about joint issues when you have a large breed dog.  


  1. Oh hurray !!!!
    See yah next week at rally Bosley!

  2. Whew! That must be a big pressure relieved! I was very worried for the big guy! You and Sarah should form a club ;o)

  3. got Kaleb and Bos, the ripped, sliced and bruised pad club, I hope his heals quicker than K's - it now been 2 weeks, another 2 to go ....

  4. That is so good that He is not super injured! I know the joint worries of the bid breeds.

  5. Thank goodness. I hate injuries.

  6. Well, that's great to know! At least now we can breathe again...I knew it was nothing serious. Chloe just had a her elbow x-ray two days back but we didn't get to see them film yet. Hopefully by tomorrow we will & we'll be able to see if it's a joint problem or a strained muscle.

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  7. Great news! (well, still sucks about the sore paw..but great that it's nothing more serious!!)