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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday Obedience

Tonight was our last formal obedience class for a while.  This past session of classes has been one of the most enjoyable obedience sessions that I have ever had.  It was geared towards dogs who are getting ready to compete in open obedience or who have aspirations of someday competing.  Amanda had great classes planned with lots of fun games and drills.  It is also nice that we have such a great group of obedience people in this class - although everyone is serious about training their  dogs, we always have lots of laughs.  I saw a big improvement in Bosley over the past 6 weeks, mostly in his attention and drive.  He actually got a bit pushy and forged a bit in his heeling.  That is OK with me for now - it is great to see him excited about obedience.  Maybe it was because I was having so much fun that he was enjoying himself more too.  I have also seen big improvements in his dumbbell work.  He is really learning to love his dumbbell and is starting to get the idea of what he is supposed to do.  

I just hope I can keep up on everything that we have accomplished without having a formal class to go to every week.  


  1. you'll do fine working on your own Kim! Honest. I am always around if you need help or anything! Bos has improved tons- and so have you. He is an amazing heeling dog. People would kill for what you have...

  2. I agree!!!....I hope Kort heels as well as Bosley does someday!!!