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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

She's Back!

Tonight was Maggie's first agility practice in 5 months.  To say that she was excited to be there, is a big understatement.  The first thing she did was to run an "I'm Back" lap around the agility field and then greet everyone that she hasn't seen in such a long time.  I didn't do too much with her as she is out of practice and out of shape.  I only jumped her at 10" and did some fun and basic things with her. She needs to build up muscle and stamina, and I knew she was too excited to be playing agility again to concentrate on anything too difficult.  It is like she has never missed any agility at all - she even flew through the weaves with no problem.  

On another agility note, Bosley did the dog walk last night.  At full height.  He didn't fall off, although he stumbled once, and I didn't panic.  I am going to try to get out to the agility field as much as possible over the next few weeks and work the dog walk with him so that I am more comfortable with him charging across a 12" wide plank that is 5 feet off the ground.

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  1. it was so nice to see maggie again!!! she was very excited to be back- her face was priceless. She did great after such a long break!

    and I was very proud of you last night about the dogwalk. It's your hang up- not his you know!!!