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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Funny Movie

I saw the movie "Best In Show" before I ever started doing "dog stuff".  I thought the movie was very funny when I saw it back then.  It is even more hilarious now.  


  1. i think it is funny that you showed that clip, i always joke about jane losing her Busy Bee. And more than one person has compared me to her ... is that bad LOL

    ... the two left feet ...

    ... we talk about alot of things, like soup ...

    that is one of my all time fav movies.

  2. "we could talk and not talk forever . . . and still find things to not talk about"

  3. Too funny! I have yet to see that movie, but have been told by numerous people that I have to! haha

  4. BOL!! Watched that movie long time ago. Can;t remember this scene actually.

    Solid Gold Dancer + Puppies