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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bath Day

Bosley had a bath today.  I only bathe my dogs a couple times a year, so bath day is a big occasion.  Maggie had her bath a couple weeks ago, but I need someone to help me when I take Bosley, since I can't lift him into the tub my myself and there is no way he is going in the tub on his own accord.  So off we went to the Wag 'n' Wash, where we all come out as wet as Bosley.

Bosley looked so handsome after his bath that I just had to take a few pictures.

Bosley looks so mature in this picture.  

Oh my, what a big nose you have!  Clean, but big!


  1. oh Bosley!!.....you're the man !!

  2. i love the big nose bosley one!! cute!

    i cant wait to cuddle him!