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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Questions Of The Day

Why, when I am walking my dogs, does someone always seem to comment "Who's walking who?", when both my dogs are walking perfectly nice beside me?

Why do some people who have small dogs, think it is funny when their little dogs growl, bark and lunge at my dogs?  

Just some "walking the dogs" annoyances.


  1. haha Kim, i get that all the time too "Looks like you've got your hands full" no shit! LOL

    "You must be the dogwalker", technically yes, i don;t think people think the are all mine!!

    And YES I agree, people let their little dogs act like asses. I for one, DO NOT let my little dog act like an ass.

    "Are they mom and baby?" I got that about kaleb and gyp once ... you must get that about Maggie and Boz!

  2. I get the "you've got your hands full" comment too.

    Lots of people ask me if Maggie and Bosley are brother and sister - most people think they are a mixed breed, so assume they look the same because they are related.

    And the little dog thing . . . I have had people laugh when their dogs try to take a bite out of mine. Big dog, or little dog, an aggressive dog is never funny. And if my dogs decide to fight back, the little dog will not come out the winner, and then my dogs, not the little dogs will be labelled as aggressive. There are a lot of irresponsible pet owners out there.


  3. I always get....do you have to brush them alot??
    Ahh no, they just stay well groomed all on their own, but thanks for noticing!

  4. people suck ladies!!! I walk all four together now almost always and people are just dumb. I will take my dogs off the sidewalk and make them sit so another dog can go by- and they stop to watch. No kidding. again, people suck!

  5. too funny Amanda....now that you mention it that ALWAYS happens to me!!! There I am with my crazy Kort trying to control him while they stand there & tell me how well trained he is LOL!!!! See Kim, it could be worse!

  6. Eek - my little dog is the one growling, but I don't think it's funny!! Don't hate us all!

  7. Lauren,
    Don't get me wrong, I don't hate growling dogs or people with growling dogs. I can even understand why little dogs would feel the need to growl at a big dog. It is the few people that think this kind of behavior is funny or "cute" that bothers me. I probably run into someone like this once a month or so and it always makes me wonder what they are thinking.