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Monday, May 18, 2009

Fun Weekend

This weekend there was an agility trial in Medicine Hat - the first outdoor trial of the year.  I pulled Maggie's entry from the trial because she is not quite ready to get back to trialing yet.  I decided that it would be fun to take a trip to Medicine Hat anyway, watch the trial and cheer everyone on.  When you don't have a dog running, you just get to sit back and watch all the fun, so I had a great time.  Everyone from our agility club did great!  Maggie and Bosley got to hang out and enjoyed visiting with everyone.

My very favorite agility game is snooker - both to watch and to participate in.  When I saw Saturday's snooker course, I was kicking myself that I didn't enter Bosley.  The seven point obstacle was the teeter.  Bosley loves the teeter!  I had the perfect plan for him as soon as I saw the obstacle layout.  Oh well, next time I guess.

Here is a very cute photo that Sarah took of Bosley and I sitting at ringside enjoying the day.

The rest of the weekend was spent visiting family.  The dogs had fun tearing up Grandma and Grandpa's freshly tilled backyard.

P.S.  The new x-pen does fit in my car.  Well, as long as there is nothing else in the trunk.

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  1. Bosley looks so happy, like he just took a bite of of someone's Veggie Burger :) LOL!!!

    It was nice to have you and Maggie and Bosley there for the day!