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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Some Things Are Best Left To A Professional!

Last night I thought I would start to get Bosley ready for his "big show" this weekend.  We are attending the Bernese National Specialty and Bosley and I are both making our first attempt in the show ring.  Normally, before a big show, I just bathe the dogs and brush them so they look tidy for the obedience or agility ring.  But when you show in conformation, your dog is expected to be groomed a certain way.  Luckily for me, Bernese are shown in a fairly natural coat - which means that you tidy your dog up but should not need to spend hours grooming and fluffing and setting each hair in place with hairspray.  Just tidy Bosley up - that sounded easy enough.  I trimmed up his feet (so far so good); I tidied up the feathering on his legs (yup - looks OK); I got out the thinning shears to trim Bosley's ears and . . . well . . . they looked like a 3 year old trimmed them with dull school scissors.  They looked choppy and all the hairs were sticking out all over - he was a mess. 

Ears are supposed to be ear-shaped!

Yikes!  What have I done!

In a panic, I sent a late night email to Jolene, who is a real groomer and always has the best groomed dogs around. "What should I do?"  Jolene told me not to panic and she offered to help fix Bosley's ears.  So we met at Paws On The Run this afternoon to use the grooming room (Thanks Wendy).  In no time at all, Jolene had Bosley's ears all cleaned up and looking great.

 Thanks to Jolene - Bosley has perfect looking ears.

Bosley looking nice and trimmed.

Here is Bosley, freshly bathed and looking very handsome.  Maybe he will pass for a real show dog!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Jolene!  You made Bosley look beautiful!


  1. What a handsome boy! I hope you have a wonderful time at your Specialty!!

  2. WOW he looks greeeeaaat!

    again, good luck and have FUN!

  3. What a handsome gentleman!

    Hope we are able to see you guys at the show! We'll be running from ring to ring, but will hopefully run into you one of those times. If not, I'm stationed at the St. John Ambulance therapy dog booth all Saturday afternoon. So if you get a minute, swing on by! Romeo is staying home that day (he doesn't get to strut his stuff until Sunday and Monday), but Gio will be there!

    Good luck at the show if I don't see ya! I'll be checking back here for updates on Tuesday!

  4. your welcome Kim!!! He looks absolutley stunning all bathed up, the best of luck to you & the big guy! Knock em dead!

  5. Yeah, my Mommy makes silly mistakes like that too sometimes. Well, thank DOG there's someone around like Jolene to help! Bosley looks HANDSOME!!! Good luck at the show.

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer