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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Bling !!!

They are finally here!  I ordered new collars for the dogs, not because they really needed them, but it was for a fundraiser so I ordered them just so I could support the Canadian Agility Team (wink, wink).  I also ordered the dogs new ID tags.  The engraving on Bosley's tag is almost worn off, so I got both dogs new tags.  These orders were from totally different places (the collars from eastern Canada and the tags from Australia) and they were ordered at different times, but they both arrived in my mailbox today.

The ID tags were ordered from Pawprint Pet Tags.  This is a small home based company that has very nice ID tags and they only cost $10 each with engraving and shipping included.

Here is the ID Tag that I ordered for Maggie:

This is Bosley's new ID Tag:

Of course, I couldn't resist getting them matching Canada Flag ID tags:

The collars that I ordered are from a Canadian company called Funny Farm Boutique.  This is another small company that will custom make collars and they have a huge selection of fabric to choose from.  They have great customer service and although they had some setbacks with the collars that I ordered (they had a flood in their warehouse and some of the fabric and collars got ruined) they went out of their way to make sure that my order was taken care of as soon as possible.

Here is Maggie's new and very pretty "Indian Spice" collar:

Bosley will look very dashing in his new " Bad Boy Bandana" themed collar:

So Maggie and Bosley are all set to go out with their new collars and tags.

*** My name is Kim. I own Bernese Mountain Dogs and I am an Internet Shop-a-holic.  There,  I said it!


  1. SHUT UP! those were my two fav collars from there!!!!

    I figured they would be too wide for Gyppie and I never got around to ordering K's. Perhaps him and Bos could have matching bad boy collars, I'll have to see them!!!

    p.s. admitting your addiction is the first step :)

  2. Snazzy new digs! I'm sure they will look stunning on them :D

    My goal ... to some day have a short-haired dog so that I can partake in the flashy collar fun! Darn long haired beasties.

    (Yes ... I now have a blog. You convinced me with your wonderful blogginess. Peer pressure, what can I say?)

  3. I love Bosley's tag! How cool is that????

    I was going to get Coulee the red bandana one but like Sarah, never got around to it!

  4. Love It! The tags are cute!

    and yes, you are addicted!

  5. I thought you were going to get the leopard print one :( *tear*