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Saturday, August 30, 2008

BMDCC National Specialty - Day 1

Today was the first day of our Bernese Specialty. Maggie didn't have anything going on today for her, so she just got to relax in the hotel room for most of the day. Bosley was entered in Altered Conformation today as well as Novice A obedience. Here is how our day went:

Bosley was very good in the ring - he let the judge examine him (even his teeth) and he wasn't weird about her touching him at all. I was so happy about that because I have been stressing a bit that we would roll over and pee on the judge when she tried to touch him. Bosley won Best of Altered Opposite (the girl who beat him already has her regular Championship). It was kinda fun hanging out at ringside with all the show people, but I am not sure showing is something that I would like to do all the time. Anyway, we had fun.

What can I say about our day in obedience. Bosley performed beyond my expectations. It was his first time in the novice ring and I am so proud of him. He finished the trial with a score of 193.5 and took High In Class and High Scoring Bernese in Class. He was also the youngest Bernese to qualify in the trial. To top it all off, he was the High Scoring Bernese in Trial. He won some very nice ribbons and some great prizes and gets his name on the Bernese Obedience High In Trial Plaque.

What a great day! Now we need to get some rest because we have a very busy day tommorow: agility and rally obedience.


  1. Yay Bosley, you're a star (not just a Mama's boy:))

  2. HOLY CRAP!!!!!!

    CONGRATS, wow what a team you and Bos are, i hope Colin taped it!

    great job kim and bosley! can;t wait to hear about the rest of your news!!!

  3. oh, hurray hurray!!! Congratulations on your high score & I'm soooo very proud of Bosley for not peeing on the judge...he must have felt like a real show dogs with his ears looking all pretty!!!!
    Good luck tommorrow