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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Practice Makes Perfect ?

. . . Well, not always, but it helps!  (and it gives me something to blog about).

Last night I took the dogs out to the agility field to practice.  Maggie really needed to work on those weaves - she didn't get one entry at our trial last weekend.  She also got to practice her contacts, which have been giving us grief, and of course, we did some jump work (must work on those rear crosses).

Bosley came out too - he loves to practice agility, but is sometimes too focused on what he likes to do (ie. the table and the A-frame, mostly).  His weaves are coming along great, I am actually quite surprised because we have not been practicing them at home.  He is really improving and is starting to get some speed through them.  In March, I posted a video of Bosley just in the beginning stages of learning to weave.  Last night I took out my camera to get some video of the dogs and this is what Bosley's weaves look like now, less than 5 months later:

Bosley loves the weaves.  He is finally doing the teeter on his own now too, although not very gracefully.  He tries really hard though and always seems to be having fun.


  1. WOW!!! he is looking awesome!

    Your gonna have to stake those weaves down for him!!

    ... and I thought Kaleb was a powerful weaver YIKES!

    He seems to really be liking his jumping too!!!

    What a terrific teeter!! haha he loves his bang game!


  2. Wow, pawsome weaves there Bosley! You both are sucha great team. You look sooo happy working with your mom too! I'm slow at the weaves. So far, haven't gone as fast as you yet but I hope to some day.

    Butt wiggles,
    Solid Gold Dancer