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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The "Collector"

Bosley has not been getting much attention on the blog lately, so I thought I would share one of Bosley's habits.  Ever since Bosley was a little puppy, he has been a gatherer.  He would gather up anything soft that he could carry and make a pile of "stuff" in the livingroom.  This included pillows, towels, bath mats, sweaters on so on.  It was cute to see a little puppy hauling around a big  pillow, but we had to put an end to this behavior when he started to chew on all his "treasures" instead of just making a bed. However, nothing we did stopped him from going downstairs and bringing up all the cushions that were on the couch.  He still likes to gather up all the cushions and pillows and even the mat from the back door.

Here is Bosley's collection.  He brought up 2 cushions and a pillow from downstairs.  He also has an old T-shirt in the pile.  He found this old shirt a few months ago and has decided it is his.  He carries it around everywhere.  He hasn't even chewed any holes in it yet, which is amazing.  

Here is Bosley with "his shirt".

I can't understand how Bosley can love to carry around things he finds, but he will not retrieve anything that I throw for him.  Maybe I should start practicing retrieves using a pillow!


  1. He is part flat-coat too!! Kaleb does that, but not to the extremes of Bos!

    So, Maggie is the Hunter :), and Bosley is the Gatherer, seems like a good match!!!!

  2. That is just the cutest thing ever!!!
    What a ham!

  3. Oh my, Bosley is just like Chloe! Chloe loooves to collect anything soft too or hard. She would go to my mommy's room & pick up anything that's on the floor. My mommy always leaves her clothes on the floor including dirty ones too. She also always brings in my mommy's working shoes every night. She's very cute & so is Bosley!

    Butt shakes,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  4. I guess his t-shirt is like his blankie.

    Lacey is also a little pack rat. She doesn't gather nearly so soft of things. She piles shoes and bones onto a pillow and then relaxes with all her chew things around her so she can reach whichever one she wants without moving.