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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Trial pictures

Here is one more post about Maggie's most recent agility trial.  Lynne sent me some great photos of Maggie that I wanted to share:

Maggie in the weaves - look at her concentration.

More weaving!

A nice down on the table.

Clearing the jump, with a bit of room to spare.

A photo series of Maggie coming out of the chute:
Here I come . . .

Maggie loves the chute!

A cute butt shot.

It finally stopped raining, so I was able to get Maggie outside to take some pictures with her ribbons.

Yes, I know that I need to cut the lawn, but I thought the dandelions were a nice touch to the picture.   (I know, they don't really look very nice, but the dogs like to eat them the second they pop out of the ground, so I leave them).


  1. maggie you look awesome in those pics!! I love the chute ones too!

    RED is your colour!! Congrats again!!

  2. Those are some colorful weaving poles! Love the pictures. You look great! My favorite obstacle is the weaving poles & tunnel. Loverly ribbons & rosettes you got there girl!

    Butt shakes,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  3. Tate is very impressed with Maggie & can't wait to congratulate her in person!