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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I have wanted a patio swing for my backyard for a while now, and this year I finally bought one.  It is very nice and even folds down into a chaise for reading a favorite book or into a bed for afternoon naps.  The dogs think that it is great to have "their" very own furniture in the yard.  It is a nice comfortable spot to lay and keep out of the sun.

I guess that in unison yawning means that Maggie and Bosley are bored of having their pictures taken while posing on the swing.



  1. love it! the color is even complimentary!

  2. What fantastic pictures! Do your berners cozy up with you when you read? Avi loves to warm my toes when I read... which always turns into licking my feet.

    Anyways... they're a good looking pair!

  3. what good lookin' pups you both are!! ;o)