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Monday, June 16, 2008

Being A Show Dog - According To Bosley

On Saturday at the CKC sanction match, Bosley had his first real "Show Dog" experience.  I want to enter Bosley in the Altered category at the Bernese Mountain Dog Specialty that is coming up later this summer.  Well, anyone who knows Bosley knows that he does not always like to be touched by people he does not know and this presents a problem when you are in the conformation ring and the judge needs to thoroughly examine your dog (kinda like being at the vet, but without the thermometer up the butt).  So, I thought I would give you Bosley's perspective of how his first time in the show ring went:

"Hey, this is fun!  I just stand here and Mom moves my feet around and gives me treats for doing nothing but standing here and looking handsome."

"Mmmmm  treats!!!"

"More treats?!?  I must really be looking extra handsome today!"

"Hey, there is a lady walking towards us - she better not want to touch me."

"Mmmmm treats!!!"

"That lady is getting closer and I think she wants to touch me."

"Yikes!  She is going to touch me!"

"She is touching me.  I think I am going to faint!"

(Bosley falls to the ground).

"Yup, I fainted."

And that is how Bosley began his show dog career - not well at all.  At least he didn't pee on the judge when he fell to the ground.


  1. Poor Bosley...and yes, I was wondering if he pee'd on her!!!

    (I have experience that first hand :o)

  2. Lol! Poor fainting Bosley! Hopefully he will learn that judges are ok!

  3. i didn't like ppl touching me either...unless u are my best friends...

    if i were u, i will choose another approach

    "That lady is getting closer and I think she wants to touch me."

    "I better warn her off before she does"

    (I snap her fingers)

  4. oh that is too funny....I can just picture it!!!
    Poor Bosley!

  5. Our Airedale won't be touched and so we can't show her.

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