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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wubba Wars

The Wubba is one of the dogs' favorite toys.  Let me re-phrase that:  The Wubba is one of the dogs' favorite toys that they have not yet destroyed.  Wubba has been missing for a long time, but today I was doing some spring cleaning and I found Wubba in the back of a closet.  The dogs were very excited to see Wubba again and so begins . . . the Wubba Wars . . .

Ready, Set, Go . . .

Apparently, Wubba wresting must be done on the ground,  preferably while lying on one's back.

"Did, I win?  Did, I win?"

"Ha, Ha!  Not a chance," says Maggie.

They are on their feet - this must be getting serious!

"Maybe if I bite Bosley's feet, I can win the Wubba!"


Let's call a truce!

. . . and so ends another battle of . . . the Wubba Wars!!!!


  1. Last year or two years back, the wubba was like a BIG THING & almost all mah online blogger friends have it. I never had one before & just wondering, what's sooo hot about it?

    Butt shakes,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  2. Hi Amber,
    The Wubba squeaks and it is great to tug with because it does not tear and the dogs cannot chew threw it too easily. Other tug toys get destroyed too quickly. My dogs are very rough on their toys but the Wubba has lasted a very long time.

  3. great pics....super cute...I love Maggie and Bosley...

  4. Yours is in on piece - wow! Wubba was a big star at our house for a day - until Tsuga bit the top off and silenced the squeaker. Then it became Jasper's hand-me-down - he toted it around on walks until even dirt wasn't enough to hold it together - poor wubba... :)