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Thursday, December 11, 2008

These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things . . .

We were tagged by Amanda who wanted us to list Maggie and Bosley's  favorite things.  So here are "Our Favorite Things":

1.  Food.  Not much explanation needed here.  Maggie and Bosley will do nearly anything to get the tiniest morsel of food.  I swear that if it came right down to it, they would solve calculus problems or conjugate verbs, just to get a treat.  (OK, well maybe not, but they do love their food).

2.  Kongs.  Every night the Kongs get filled with something yummy and then are put in the freezer. When the last person to leave the house in the morning is ready to go out the door, the dogs get their Kongs to enjoy.  

3.  Walks.  As soon as the leashes come out, the dogs go crazy with excitement.  I put on their leashes and they each grab the other's leash and drag each other around the house - growling and carrying on like they have not been out for a walk in months.  Once I finally gain some control, we head out - often to the amusement of our neighbours.

4.  Belly Rubs.  There is nothing better than a good belly rub (except for food and walks).

5.  Bully Sticks.  This is kinda in the "food" category, but they love them so much that they need their own number on the list.  When I ask "Do you want your sticks?", Bosley runs to the pantry door to wait.  I also keep a couple of Bully Sticks in the front closet so that I can give the dogs a stick when someone comes to the door.  The dogs think it is great that when the doorbell rings they get a stick, but it is really just to keep them from mauling our guests or the kids selling chocolate bars.  It also serves the purpose of giving people the false impression that Maggie and Bosley are actually well behaved dogs.  When guests arrive, what they see are two dogs laying nicely chewing on their sticks, rather than the two crazed dogs that fight each other to see who gets to greet the guest first [greeting = jumping on the guest(Maggie) or stealing the guest's shoe (Bosley) or crotch sniffing (Bosley)].  

6.  Being Loved.  Good food, a warm bed, cuddles and walks.  What else is there?


  1. Kongs... Addie just discovered that she likes the Kong toy. What do you place inside and freeze for the next day?

    I have been using a treat that I fold in half and stuff inside. I tried peanut butter in a Kong for her when she was a little puppy but I couldn't get it clean enough.

    Thank you!

  2. i should have put kongs too, they loooove a kong full of goodies too!!

    not surpised food is #1!!

  3. Hey , what about arranging the pillows. Wasnt there a post about your dogs taking the pillows off of the couch, ( I think). HA! Diana

  4. I think I need to get bully sticks for my 2 - they definitely act crazed when we have visitors!! They go in from each angle - one barks like mad and thrusts all her toys in their face whilst the other dive bombs and licks - great!! Do the bully sticks really prevent such behaviour as this?