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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Good News

I finally heard back from the orthopedic surgeon today and for right now, he is not recommending surgery be done on Maggie's foot.  He feels that splinting the toe should be enough to have it heal correctly.  The surgeons at the Western Veterinary  Clinic in Calgary are some of the best vets in North America, so if he recommends a splint over surgery, I am good with that.  I am sure glad that I asked the vet here to send her x-rays to the specialist. Maggie has an appointment on Saturday to get the splint put on.  After that, it will need to be changed every week or so for 6 weeks.  I am sure she will not be happy to have to wear a splint and be on limited activity for  6 more weeks.  It will be worth it though, if at the end of the 6 weeks she is healed and back to normal.


  1. That so great! Im happy for you guys.Im sure Maggie wont think it great. Diana

  2. that is awesome Kim! I am so happy for you and for maggie!

    can you get the splint here- or Calgary?

  3. HUGS for you both - and bosley just for good measure!!!!