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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dreams Do Come True

Every spring sees the return of the Richardson's Ground Squirrel, more commonly known as the Gopher.  Every spring and summer Maggie has watched these little rodents run around and escape down their burrows despite her attempts to catch one.  Maggie goes a little crazy when she sees a gopher, or even hears a chirp of one in the distance.  Today, Maggie's dream of catching a gopher finally came true.  Tonight, we were out at the agility field which is full of gophers and gopher holes and I was walking Maggie around the field when suddenly a gopher popped out of it's hole and ran past us.  I saw Maggie jump towards it and then suddenly she had it in her mouth.  I was so surprised that she caught it (those gophers are fast) and she must have been surprised too, because when I told her to drop it, she did!  The gopher seemed mostly dead and Maggie tried her hardest to get back to it ( I am sure to give it a good shake) but I was pretty sure she would eat it, so her agility friend McKeely came over to make sure that it was really dead (we didn't want it to suffer).  I think Maggie was quite proud of herself and her extraordinary hunting abilities.  Her next hunting goal : catching one of those pesky rabbits that can always outrun her.


  1. oh maggie, what are you becoming! a gopher killing, crazy running agility machine!

    p.s. you are Jane's hero!

  2. I am sure that Mags will be on the lookout for quite sometime!

    Good luck with the Bunnies!

  3. Maggie, you sure bit it hard enuf to kill it...Poor Gopher. I'd never kill a thing nor even hurt a fly.

    Love licks,
    Solid Gold Dancer

  4. Hey Berners!

    Congrats on a dream come true!

    Gophers are at our agiltiy field too, but we have never chased or caught any. Although Buddy does chase and catches and kills birdies. (Momma does not like it when he does that!)

    We live in Saskatchewan and go to agility classes and trials too. Buddy and I also take
    Rally-O classes.

    We are happy to have found your blog! Come visit us :)

    Woofs Casper, Buddy and Nikki

  5. I hope she doesn't dream of gophers every time you come out to do agility! Talk about having something to "work through".