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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Exciting Weekend News !!!

We spent the the weekend at the Red Deer dog show doing some obedience, some scent hurdle racing and lots of hanging out and visiting.

Bosley was entered in 3 obedience trials and after some really awful heeling on Friday, he pulled it all together on Saturday to earn his first Open leg with a High in Class.  I was so excited and relieved to get that first leg - I was beginning to think it may never happen.  Sunday his heeling was off again and he stepped in the broad jump for an NQ.  But . . . his drops were perfect all weekend and his fetching was great too!  I bought a new heavier wooden dumbbell and have been practicing throwing straight - and was happy that all my throws at the show were pretty darn good :)

Bosley with his HIC ribbon.

Hanging out at the show.

Saturday night was our Scent Hurdle team debut.  We were all so excited to get out there and have our first race.  We were ready at the start line . . . the whistle blew . . .  and everything fell apart.  The dogs acted like they had never been trained at all.  Bosley left his lane to go visit a cute Sheltie at the other box, he really liked Kort's dumbbell and kept bringing back Kort's instead of his own.  All of the dogs on the team had trouble of some sort or another.  We were very discouraged after those first couple races.  Everyone on the other teams were very nice though, and the more our team ran (we had 8 races) the better they got.  In the end, all the dogs settled into the racing and we even won a few heats :)  In Bosley's first ever scent hurdle race, he came home with 30 points towards his Scent Hurdle title.  Not too shabby for our first race ever!

Here is a video of our team in action:

I can't not share the video of our team bloopers.  Funny stuff :)

So overall, a very fun and successful weekend.  Can't wait to do it all again :)

Thanks Amanda for the great pictures !!!


  1. It was a great weekend wasn't it!!!
    LOVE the big nose Bosley picture ! LOL!

  2. i love this big nose bos lic too!!

    so happy for your and that first leg!! i hope i can be there to see you get the last 2 :)

  3. Congrats on your 1st Open leg, Bosley! Scent Hurdle Racing looks like a ton of fun. The bloopers were funny! So which team won in the end?

  4. That was Awesome!! Loved the bloopers and congrats on obedience :-)

  5. Congrats on you Open leg and high in class!!!

    I love the scent hurdle stuff. Ive never seen it before. All the dogs are so cute. Pixel has to test each one, like Goldielocks. LOl and that last dog on your team, to fuuny. "This is my box!" Great job you your team!

  6. WOW...huge congrats on your first leg and High in Class...way to go Kim and Bosley.


  7. Bosley rocks. :) Congrats on your first CDX leg Kim! I hope I can video it next time for you!

  8. Congrats on your first Open leg!

    The scent hurdle racing is awesome. Never seen that before. So, who gives a Scent Hurdle title? AKC? Looks like great fun - something else for me to try :)