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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dumbbell (the noun, not the adjective)

A few weeks ago, it was suggested to me to use a wooden dumbbell instead of a plastic one, because the wooden ones have less bounce when you throw them. So I checked the usual obedience supply online stores and I ordered a plain wooden dumbbell. Then . . . I found the most beautiful dumbbells I had ever seen. I came across a website where you can order custom dumbbells made out of your choice of some very nice wood. Not your typical dumbbells, that's for sure. I contacted the lady just to ask a couple questions and check out the prices and I couldn't help but order Bosley a fancy, new dumbbell.

Bosley's new dumbbell is made out of Zebra wood and it is shiny and pretty.

If you would like to see more of these beautiful dumbbells made by Tracy Libby (who provides awesome customer service as well as beautiful work) , check out her website:
White Mountain Australian Shepherds

I'm not addicted to buying dog things. Really. I'm not.
. . . well, maybe a little bit . . .
But you can't find dumbbells like this just anywhere. :)


  1. that's ok Kim...I'm addicted to buying things too :))

  2. Bosley, there will be absolutely NO mouthing THAT dumbbell!!! It's totally gorgeous!

  3. I love the look of those dumbbells! How does he like it compared to the plastic one? I'm starting to wonder if Bess would prefer a wooden one to the plastic one we're currently using.

  4. Wow... very nice!! I'm addicted to buying stuff for Aspen too... I rarely buy stuff just for me anymore!!

  5. WOW that's a very snazzy looking dumbbell! It's almost too nice to be used actually. It could get scratched easily in the jaws of the Berners. No mouthing on that dumbbell OK Bosley?