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Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Circle Of Life

*** Warning - This Post Contains Graphic Wild Kingdom Type Content ***

Maggie and I went for a walk in the coulees behind our house this afternoon, in hopes of getting a good picture for her 52 weeks project.   Maggie was out sniffing around . . . 

... Then something caught her attention.  "Hey, I think there is something interesting up here".

I caught up to her and found this:

And a little further on . . . this:

And not much further past that . . . there was this:

A very fresh coyote kill.  I would guess this kill would have been from last night or early this morning.

The fur and hide, the intestinal content, part of the skeleton and the deer jaw were all that were left behind.  The coyotes do not waste anything.

It is sad that a cute deer had to die such a horrible death, but that is the way of the food chain.  The coyotes will eat what they can catch to survive - a rabbit, a deer or whatever else will make a quick meal.


  1. wow, that's incredible! they really do eat everything!

    did you get your photo?

  2. ewwww, glad there wasn't much left to see !

  3. mmmmm ... be glad you don;t have a retriever ... K likes to retrieve those ...

  4. looks like our walks these days, LOL! All kinds of dead things found under the melting snow....

  5. What strikes me about these photos is the lack of snow. I'm still wearing snowshoes when I take the dogs walking!

  6. Haha Sarah just what I was thinking Stryker is always bringing me left over parts from Coyote kills


  7. That still looks pretty fresh! Did Maggie get to taste test it?