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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Special Delivery

I ordered Scent Articles a couple weeks ago, and they were delivered today! I am very excited.
Here they are - 6 each of leather, metal and wood.

Bosley stopped in to pose with his new articles.

That is not all I ordered. I also ordered this very nice carrying bag with a Bernese on it. I got red numbers on the articles to match the red bag. Those in turn match Bosley's red cart and carting harness. I know he won't be carting and doing articles at the same time, but I thought it would be nice if all his activities "matched".

I am very excited to start scent article work. Tonight Bosley was holding the metal dumbbell and fronting with it in his mouth. For the past few weeks, we have been working on him holding a metal spoon to get used to the feeling of metal in his mouth. He doesn't love the metal, but he will hold it now.
I gave him the leather article, which I thought he would have no problem with, and it made him gag. Funny. The leather smell is really strong right now because they are new, so hopefully, once they air out and get used a bit, that strong smell will go away and Bosley will quit gagging.
Of course he has no problem with the wood articles, as that is what we use in scent hurdle.

For now, we are going to work the metal articles and get him used to retrieving them and then scenting them. Then I will move on to leather. It will be a while until he is working the whole pile of articles, but we are in no rush.


  1. they are soooo nice Kim!!!
    I have just started getting Kort to hold the metal dumbbell too!
    I think we need to have a scent station at one of our obedience nights so we can show off our articles !

  2. wow Kim you guys are all set!! I love that bag and the paw prints on the articles!!!!! Can't wait to see you guys train for it!

  3. Lovely set of dumbells...who did you order them from ?
    Love love that everything matches : )


  4. Matchy matchy! The articles and bag look great. I used a mesh laundry bag for years - much less fancy, LOL! Now I use a bumper bag. I love the embrodiery on the bag - do tell where you got it from!

  5. Very cool, Kim! Are they standard size, or Berner size? My dogs are weird with leather also. You would think they would be all over it.

  6. Judy, they are standard size. Only a bit bigger than our scenthurdle dumbbells.

  7. Wow Kim! Good for you:) Nice new gear!! I love the bag.

  8. I have Newfies and a Golden. I'm working on Utility with my first Newf who just turned 9. When I started working on the scent articles, I REALLY encouraged him to pick up a metal (his mouth was chattering...). Now he actually prefers metals than leathers:) Good luck and have fun with your dogs !!!