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Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year Some New Goals

Happy New Year!!!

A new year means it is time to look forward and to set new goals. Although goals may change as I go along, they are a great motivator. Something to look forward to and at the end of the year it is great to look back and see how far we have come.

Bosley is ready to head into the New Year.


Maggie will most likely retire from competitive agility early this year. She has been telling me she has had enough. I would really like her to get her MAD before she retires (she only needs one more 'Q').

Maggie will get to do more tracking this year. I think it will keep her mind busy (which she needs) and will keep her active. I have no goal of doing any tracking tests, just to have fun.


In 2011, Bosley and I are going to work hard to get his CDX. I am certain he can do it, and hopefully within the first half of the year. I really want to start doing Utility stuff more seriously, and am going to be ordering scent articles in the next week or so. I hope to be ready to compete in Utility by the end of the year.

In CKC agility I would really, really like to finish Bosley's Championship. He has a chance at being the first Bernese to get the new Select Agility Championship title and as far as I know, he is currently the only Bernese competing at the Excellent B level. So maybe . . . if we get to enough trials.

In AAC agility, I would like him to be competing at Masters level in all events by the summer. This is totally possible, as he only needs one more Advanced Jumpers and one more Advanced Snooker. Hopefully by the end of the year he will have his MAD and maybe his Masters Gamblers?

I am still considering if I want to pursue a DDX. Bosley really loves carting and I am confident with his carting, but the DDX has a backpacking component. Bosley does not love the backpack. Depending on when and where the test is this year will determine if we train with a DDX goal in mind.

We are also going to be competing in Scent Hurdle this year. Our team is coming along really well and I am sure all of us on the team will enjoy putting a Scent Hurdle title on our dogs this year.

Best Wishes to everyone in 2011.

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