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Monday, January 17, 2011

Frosty Paws

Hey, You!  With the mittens and the warm boots!  It's -20C today. 
 I don't have mittens or boots.  I only have paws.  Tender, soft, house dog paws.  

My paw!  It is cold.  I can't even look at you - taking pictures of my awful plight.

Look at my sad face.  Look at my cold paws.  
Are you just going to stand there - doing nothing?!?

I think this one is going to fall right off.  You won't think it is so funny then, will you?

Do you see this look that I am giving you? 
My feet!  My feet!  I can't stand it anymore!!
(You are going to put this on your blog, aren't you?)


  1. Aww poor Maggie! That's what bloggers do - take photos first and help later!

  2. LOL....I love the last picture with both of her feet up! Poor girl.;)

  3. poor Maggie !!...mean mommy ! :)

  4. Maggie, tell your Mom about those dog booties -- they may look silly, but can be a real lifesaver; it's not even so much the snow and ice that do the damage as the rock salt and chemical deicers. I wrote an article about caring for your dog in the winter months -- you may find it useful. Feel free to link or repost with proper attribution...
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