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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bosley This Week

The countdown is on - only 3 months of training left until Bosley's planned Open Obedience debut. I worked him today on all the open exercises and was happy with all of them except the drop on recall. He has been really anticipating the drop, so I have been doing lots of straight recalls instead of drops. Today he totally blew off the drop when I asked. Arrggg!! Back to work on the DOR.

52 Weeks For Dogs
I have decided Bosley will be my subject for my 52 Weeks project. Maggie has great expressions and is very fun, but Bosley is just so much easier to work with. Since I am still learning about the whole photography thing, I went with the easier dog on this project. I already have an idea in mind for my first week, I just need the weather to cooperate so I can get the background that I am hoping for.

Bosley is entered in his first agility trial of the year next weekend. I am very happy we got in since so many trials around here have long waiting lists. I am extra excited to be going to this trial because Bernadette Van Klavern is a judge. She is a Bernese breeder and has had some of the top agility Berners in the country. I hope I am not too nervous running under her, and I hope Bosley behaves himself :0

1 comment:

  1. Bosley will be fine at the trial.


    Tonite at Obed we are going to do some run throughs- I think it will be good for you to piece things together.