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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Well, it's that time again - to look back at the year that has past and look ahead to 2010. Where did the year go - it seemed to fly by.

I didn't get to all the goals that I set for the year. I wanted to finish both dogs' Advanced Rally titles and finish Maggie's CD. Maggie did no obedience at all and I have put off Rally for now. I wanted to finish Maggie's SAADC title, but she only did 2 AAC trials this year.

The goals I did complete were to start trialing Bosley in agility (his first trial was in June) and compete at Regionals with Maggie. I entered Bosley in a draft test and he learned to fetch the dumbbell!

Here is a quick look back over the year's stats:
Maggie - came back from a broken toe and mast cell cancer.
- ran in 3 CKC trials - earned 6 Qs and her Intermediate JWW title
-ran in 2 AAC trials - earned 4 Qs

Bosley- ran in 3 CKC trials - earned a total of 14 Qs and 4 titles
- ran in 2 AAC trials - earned 8 Qs and 1 title
- entered a draft test
-is almost ready for Open Obedience

Goals for 2010
Maggie - keep having fun in agility and obedience. Maggie is not a very well built dog and is having some issues with her back and rear end, so I am not pushing agility too much. I am looking forward to dropping her to veterans in February. We will see how the year goes and do a few trials. I would like to start doing some tracking with her. I think that would be a great way to keep her active and her brain busy.

Bosley - I would like to try to get his CDX this year (he is pretty close to being ready to enter a trial) and start Utility exercises. We are also going to get his Draft title this year and start training for his DDX title. In agility, I hope to finish his CKC excellent titles and start working towards Championship Qs. If he keeps running well, and we enter enough trials, I think he should be able to get to AAC Masters level this year. I am also thinking about entering him in AAC regionals - crazy, but I will see how he is running when we get closer.

So, goodbye 2009 and here's to a fun and productive 2010.

Happy New Year!


  1. Maggie overcame the almost impossible this year, and what a comeback she had. you should be so proud of her.

    And Bos, what do you say about him ... he is wonderful (even Kaleb thinks so) you've done a great job with him ... and he's just getting started, really!

    I can't wait for more great training with you and your guys in 2010 and see you accomplish your goals!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sounds like you had a great year! but are you time traveling back to 2008 for your new goals?

  3. haha Laura, I didn't notice that either until you pointed it out! :o)

    Maggie had a great year- and I have no doubt that she is going to LOVE those 16" jumps. I can hardly wait to see her.

    Bosley is one of those dogs who just gives it- all the time. I don't think Regionals will be any problem for him- we'll have to do some more distance work between now and then but he is going to rock I am sure!

    You are a GREAT trainer, and it shows in your dogs. Keep working, and training and without a doubt the next year is going to be lots of fun!

  4. Thanks for pointing that out Laura. Funny - I didn't even notice. That's what I get for writing a post late at night.