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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Week 1 of 52

This week began the first week for 52 Weeks For Dogs. I had a specific idea in mind for what I wanted - a picture of Bosley at sunset with the Rocky Mountains in the background. It is hard to capture on camera exactly what I have visioned in my mind.
This is the photo I chose for this weeks project. Although the mountains are not as vivid as I had hoped, I thought this picture had the best light on Bosley's face.

These are the runners up:

I liked the sunset and mountains on this shot but I didn't love the light on Bosley's face and his chin and neck seemed to blend together making him look awkward.
I really loved the background here. The colours of the sunset and the sillouetted mountains were very much like I had visioned. I found the snow on Bosley's face distracting and thought that the stronger background took away from the focus of the project (Bosley). I still really like this one though.

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  1. Great selections. I really like the background in the last photo as well. The way the light plays off the snow is beautiful.