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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pet Friendly???

Why, oh why is it so difficult to find decent pet friendly hotel rooms?
I have been searching for a hotel room in Edmonton but Edmonton just does not seem to be very pet friendly. There is a shortage of hotels that will accommodate dogs and the ones that do allow dogs are are often in neighborhoods that do not seem very safe or the hotels are older and not well kept up.
Don't even get me started on the "small dog only" rule that many hotels have. How stupid is that policy?
In my recent hotel search, I found one "pet friendly" hotel that seemed nice but there was a $75 pet charge! $75 - how is that "pet friendly"!?! Ridiculous.

(Bosley, Amy and Maggie relaxing on a pet friendly hotel bed)
I did book a room in Edmonton. Well, a in city just outside Edmonton to be exact. It is very close to the trial and not too expensive. The Yellow Pages ad said the rooms are "clean" so that is a bonus :o


  1. well like I said, you are more than welcome to pull the Boler :)

  2. Hey Kim...not sure where you need to be in Edmonton but I stayed at a hotel in Nisku (just south of Edmonton) last May long and I took Tessa with me...just a suggestion!

  3. It can be real frustrating for sure! And you can only laugh at the "small dog" thing! If they don't like a certain dog, it will be "too big" even if it's a Pom. When I thought I might have to go to Calgary with my girl Sascha I contacted Berner people, most of whom were only "e-mail buddies", and they were a great help. Didn't have to go in the end. Have fun at the trial, and I hope Bosley is smarter this weekend.

  4. Just slip them in your purse and walk right by the front desk. They'll never know! ;)

  5. Traveling with dogs can be such a pain! I do think it varies regionally though - it is SO much easier to find dog friendly hotels (among other things) here in Florida than it was up in PA. Good luck, hope the room works out well.

  6. 2 years ago, my husband went to a conference in Toronto and me and Moka joined him. His company had booked rooms for him and his colleagues at the Westin hotel. When we first looked at their webiste, it said they only allowed small dogs but we explained that our dog was well behaved, didn't bark, etc... The manager said we could take Moka with us and that we'd have to sign a disclaimer. Upon arrival, we were offered a doggy gift bag and a heavenly doggy bed (heavenly bed is a Westin thing...). When we asked what size the bed was and they said about the size of a pillow, we started laughing and said... NO thanks!