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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rally Obedience Fun Match

This morning, SAWHDA hosted a Rally fun match.  It was a very good turn out - there were even 2 other Berners there.  

I took both dogs today.  Maggie has not done any obedience outside the house in over a year.  She was getting too stressed in the ring and would shut down at the slightest hint that she was performing so I quit doing any obedience with her.  I thought I would see how she would do today, and she did great!  She was happy the whole time in the ring, tail wagging and focused.  Maybe she will be able to get back in the obedience ring yet.

Bosley did good today too.  We haven't practiced any Rally stuff in a very long time, so we were both a bit rusty.  I need to get better at memorizing the course and not reading the signs so much.  When I stop to read the signs (or get lost) I take my focus off Bosley and then he quits focusing on me.  We had fun.

It was a very fun way to spend the morning.

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  1. Sounds fun! I'm living vicariously thru you as well as learning! I hope to have Scout in ability and obedience in the future when she grows up!