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Monday, October 5, 2009

Pictures Of The Draft Test

Basic Cart Control Exercises

Preparing to do a right turn around the tree.

Just finished a left turn through the trees.

More basic cart control.

A "Halt" command.

Getting ready to do the figure 8 exercise.

The figure 8.

Made it through the figure 8 pattern!  What a good boy!

Ready to back-up.  Notice the back-up stick in the snow next to the wheel?  Bosley backed up 4 feet, with no problem.

Leaving the cart control ring.

Freight Haul Exercise

Getting ready to begin the freight haul.

Part of the course.

Loading the freight - 40 pounds of water.

The judge making sure the load is secure.

The narrow area where Bosley's wheel bumped the post as we were trying to make the sharp turn to the left while going down the incline.

A big thanks to Pat for taking all the great pictures!


  1. I just cant get over you all have snow. Great pictures. Im glad it went well. Diana

  2. I can't believe the snow that Day!!

    Diana, it didn't stay on the ground long (THANKFULLY)

    Are you sure that was water in the cart ... or was it an ICE block!

  3. Great Pictures Kim ! I like that you described each detail on every picture. What a Good boy he is and he probably loved the weather. Good for you Kim ... Tag and I are very proud of you guys.

  4. So close on the DD...Bosley looked wonderful pulling his cart. Wow, you guys did great with all the snow. Note to self..practice in snow if trialing in Bragg Creek. Congrats on the great agility weekend too!
    Hope to see ya soon.

    Cathy and Kouga

  5. So cool Kim! It would have been neat to watch, you and Bos make a great team!

  6. Bosley looks so beautiful in that snow! I loved seeing these photos of him pulling this cart - what a smart boy!!!

  7. I really enjoyed those photos, Kim! I think you and Bos looked really "cool" out there in that snow; the ultimate test! I can only hope we do as well on our first draft test as you guys did. Great teamwork!