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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Buster Cube

Maggie and Bosley love the Buster Cube.  What's not to love - a toy and treats all in one.  I stuff  the cube full of kibbles and watch the fun.  

Maggie and Bosley have different techniques to get those kibbles out of the cube.  Maggie uses the nose rolling technique.  This is usually very successful.

She has got very good at rolling and chasing the cube, waiting for the treats to fall out.

However, sometimes she gets impatient, and will pick up the cube and . . . 

. . . Throw it to the floor, hoping some treats will pop out of the hole.

Bosley uses a more "paws on" approach.

He grabs the cube with his big paws and shoves it around.

"Hey treats . . . I know you're in there!  Come on out!"

Sometimes Bosley will try to use his teeth to break into the cube - so far this method has not worked so well.

Bosley's favorite technique, and the one that requires the least energy, is following Maggie around and grabbing the treats as they fall out of her cube.


  1. funny, Bosley and Jane have the same strategy ....

  2. Maggie is just sooooo cute! I should come home more to play and cuddle with her.
    By the way..
    I don't know if you noticed but if you click the pictures really big, you can see all the doggie fur that's in our carpets. Ha ha.
    Love youuu Momsy

  3. have you tried them on the tug-a-jug? I have a feeling that they'll love it.

  4. That made me laugh! Moka Bear sometimes uses a similar technique to the one described as "pick up and throw on the floor". Hers is a ball with a maze in it and I must say that her technique works pretty well as the ball bounces around and treats are released! Cheers,

    Cindy & Moka Bear