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Friday, October 16, 2009

7 Groups - Dream Dogs

Amanda at ManyMuddyPaws blogged today about what dog she would pick from each of the 7 CKC/AKC groups and why. The rules of the game are that you cannot choose the breed(s) of dog that you currently own.  Here are my picks:

Group 1 - Sporting:  This is a tough group to choose from as there are so many great sporting breeds.  As much as I love some of the breeds, I would not choose a dog that loves the water.  I am not a water person (can't swim and am a bit afraid of water), so it would not be fair to have water loving breed.  So, I think I would choose one of the Setters - most likely the English Setter but I really love the Irish Setter as well.  I love the way they look - their soft expression and all that feathering.  They are also just nice, sweet dogs with calm and gentle personalities.  

Group 2 - Hounds:  I don't have too much experience with many of the hounds breeds, but of the ones that I have met or known, I would choose the Whippet.  They are such fun dogs and I love how graceful they are.

Group 3 - Working:  Oh my, this is a hard group for me to choose from.  There are so many dogs in the working group that I love  so it is hard to narrow it down to just one (beside the Berners of course).   I think I would have to choose the Doberman.  I love, love, love the look of these dogs - which is weird because I usually like the fluffy dogs - but I love the regal look of the Doberman.  I also love watching them work.  They are so focused and intense and they always seem to have an amazing connection with their owners. 

Group 4 - Terriers:  There are so many of the terriers that I really admire but I don't think that I would be the right owner for a terrier.  They say that people are like their dogs, and I don't think that I am feisty enough to own a terrier.  That being said, I would choose the Border Terrier.  I love their scruffy faces and their spunky personality.

Group 5 - Toys:  I had to think the longest about this group.  There is a lady that I have met at a few agility trials that has a really awesome long haired Chihuahua.  If I could get a dog just like hers, that is what I would choose from the toy group.

Group 6 - Non-Sporting:  I think I would choose the Keeshond.  It is my favorite of the Spitz breeds.

Group 7 - Herding:  This is another group that is very hard to choose from.  There are so many awesome dogs in the herding group - there are only a couple that I would not consider.  It is a very close decision between about 5 breeds, but I would choose the Australian Shepherd - tri-colored of course!  I like the Aussie because they are super smart and have good working drive without being too over the top intense.  They are also very beautiful.

It is fun to stop and dream about all the different dogs that I would like to own.  What would you choose?

1 comment:

  1. Sporting: Labrador all the way!!! Or an ESS.

    Herding: I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a Border Collie or Aussie!!!

    Toy: Shitzu probably.

    Terrier: JRT or Scottie.

    Non-Sporting: Poodle!

    Working: Great Pyrenees or Great Dane

    Hound: Beagle or Greyhound.

    I can never narrow it down to 1!

    Alex and Mya